Slipping Behind the Curtain

June 2012. I look through the viewfinder of the old Box Brownie camera and carefully compose the picture.

The shutter clicks softly.

A picture of a memory. A picture for my mother. A picture of a place she knew and loved.

A letter in pictures.

My mother loved the town of Worthing and surrounding coast and countryside. It was where she was born and grew up. Despite moving away in her retirement, Worthing was always in her heart, it was in her blood.

Now she has passed away I would love her to know that her much loved home town, is very much in my heart too, something I never really articulated when she was alive.

So now my mother is gone I have written her a letter. A letter of pictures. Made with a Box Brownie camera, similar to the one she used when I was a child. It produces soft watery images. So soft that perhaps they can slip behind the curtain of life and carry my thoughts to her……

© Maria Short