BJP Open Walls Arles 2020

from the series Maddie

Single Image Winner of the BJP Open Walls at Galerie Huit Arles 2020

Maddie works full-time with horses and I often marvel at the ease and confidence with which she undertakes tasks that seem commonplace to her, but which to me appear quite difficult or dangerous. Maddie’s experience and knowledge can seem beyond her years and yet I know that her competence is a result of her being fully engaged with her passion and working diligently to turn her dreams into reality. I find Maddie’s approach to life inspiring; she is brave and curious and completely focused on continually improving her skills. It is both fascinating and a joy to watch Maddie go about her daily life, as she is so immersed in what she is doing. When I watch Maddie I’m always reminded of the importance of being true to ourselves.

© Maria Short