Findon Farm: A Visual Resource

Sam & Ian Short by the fireplace in Findon Farmhouse. Ian is the little one (Tich Short). Photographer: Unknown

My father, Ian Ernest Short (b.1926) has given me his archive of photographs and newspaper clippings that relate to Findon Farm in Findon Village, near Worthing, West Sussex, England.

Dad grew up on the farm, run by his father Ernest Short (1900-1938), his grandfather Albert Short Junior and his aunt Ellen ‘Nellie’ Short. Dad left the farm during the war having signed up to the REME and spent most of his service as an engineer in the Middle East.

 Ian Short, aged 19. Egypt 1945. Photographer: Unknown 

The farm was sold in 1946 after the death of Albert Short Junior in 1945. Upon his return from service Dad stayed in the village and spent the years immediately after the war clearing the local farmland of incendiary devices.

I intend this page to be an organic visual scrapbook and as I add to it I will endeavour to organise it into some sort of comprehensive order.

At the moment it is a personal resource; a collection of memories and stories that I intend to draw upon in the making of new work.

If you are looking for a more detailed account of the history of Findon Village then I recommend visiting this site:

Ian Short, Father’s Day 2012. Ian holding a picture of his elder brother Sam and himself as children. 

Follow the links below to photographs, clippings and stories:

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The Visual Telling of Stories:

The idea of putting together an on-line visual scrapbook is inspired by the work of Dr Chris Mullen and his vast collection of Visual Storytelling: