Findon Farm: Early Photographs

  The view from Findon Farm House looking east. Dad took this picture when he was about 9 years old (1933) He helped himself to his father’s camera, went up into one of the attics and crawled along to get a good view. He got into trouble for helping himself to the camera and crawling about in the attic.

 Ernest Short travelling down from Cissbury Ring on Cissbury Estate 1937. The two dogs were the family’s working gun dogs; Spot and Mush. Spot is the one on the left and Mush on the right. Mush was Spot’s puppy and Dad remembers Mush having a bit of a mind of his own. The gamekeeper Mr Heseltine can be seen behind the wall.

  Frank Skinner, Shep the dog and Ian Short (the young lad). 1931. Taken in the back yard of Mr & Mrs Skinner’s cottage, (next door to Hill View Cottage) on School Hill. Photographer: possibly Frank’s daughter, Florrie Skinner.


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