Albert Short Junior

 Albert Short Junior.


  Albert Short Junior fourth from right. The cottage behind is at the bottom of Bost Hill and the old lane (now the A24) is between the hedge and cottage.


  From left to right: Harry Long Junior, John Upton, Harry Long Senior and Albert Short Junior. Taken from behind the cottage at the bottom of Bost Hill looking West. Bost Hill is behind the hedge and can be seen to the left of the photograph by the chalk pits. 


 Albert Short Junior, entering the dairy.

  Alice Short, wife of Albert Short Junior. 

Albert Short Junior was born 21st July 1870 the son of Albert Short Senior and Jane Short.

At the Parish Church of Warminghurst on 24th April 1895, aged 24 Albert Junior married Alice Golds aged 27. Their marriage certificate records Albert Short Senior’s occupation as a farmer and Alice Golds father as deceased.

I asked Ian if he could describe Albert Junior’s character:

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On 7th February 1945 Albert Short Junior passed away aged 74. According to his instruction the farm was sold. His daughter, Ellen Short bought the cottages at Nepcote, letting the southerly one and living in the northern one: Elder Cottage.

Alice Short lived with her daughter Ellen Short at Elder Cottage. Alice passed away on 22nd December 1949 aged 81 at Elder Cottage. Alice’s death certificate records her daughter Ellen being present at the time of death.

Alice is buried with Albert in the Findon Cemetery, in a grave she purchased for 4 pounds in 1945.