Albert Short Senior


  Albert Short Senior far left, Walter Short, Albert Short Junior and Albert Short Junior’s best mate.

I asked Ian if he spent much time with Albert Short Senior and if he could share any memories. Ian describes his Great Grandfather in the following sound clips:

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In the first sound clip Ian Short talks about the book ‘Fragments of Findon’ by Wyatt, here you can see the entries Ian refers to which list all the tenant farmers:

Albert Senior is listed as farming at Rogers Farm, Kingswood, Muntham and Findon Farm. Albert Short Junior is also listed as farming at Findon Farm.

Born in Washington, West Sussex, the son of a Washington butcher Albert Short Senior married several times. Records suggest that he had at least two wives named Jane.

Albert Short Senior was buried 14th January 1931. One Jane Short is buried next to him in Broadwater cemetery, with the date of her burial 8th March 1917.

Another Jane Short, who died 13th March 1905 aged 60 years is buried in Findon Church cemetery along with their second son John Short who died on 14th February 1904, aged 32 years and their daughter Jane who died 11th April 1963 aged 81 years.